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go Bulldogs!

Grandville High School


go Bulldogs!

Grandville High School

go Bulldogs!

Grandville High School

Title IX

Title IX - Athletic Participation Opportunities

District: Grandville

Substantial Proportionality

Total Enrollment 9-12

Boys- 903          Girls- 847          Total- 1750          % Boys- 51.60%          % Girls- 48.40%

Total Athletic Participants

Boys- 642          Girls- 562          Total- 1204          % Boys- 53.32%          % Girls- 46.68%


% Boys- 1.72%      % Girls- -1.72%

Athletic participants are defined as those students who are members of a team on their first date of competition. Participation opportunities should be considered as the number of athletes who actually participate in a program. Participants are counted for each team on which they participate. For example, one individual participating during the fall, winter and spring sport season is counted as three participants. Members of a team who left the team prior to the first competitive contest are excluded from the count. Support groups (i.e. pep bands) should not be counted in the rate of participation.

The percentage of male and/or female athletes should be “substantially proportionate” to the percentage of male or female students enrolled. Example: If boys are 52% of enrollment and 60% of athletes and girls are 48% of enrollment and 40% of athletes, there is an 8% difference (52%-60% or 48%-40%) between rates of enrollment and rates of participation for boys and girls. This figure should be zero.